Baroque® Oil Mastic Painting mediums
Baroque® Oil Mastic Painting mediums Specially formulated mastic drying oil painting medium based on recipe nr. 402, a most excellent clear and drying varnish proper for colors, both in oil-painting and other kinds of painting.
This varnish is taken from the sixteenth century Marciana Manuscript, entitled, “Secreti Diversi”, located in the Library of San Marco at Venice, Italy.
The recipes in this manuscript appear to have their origins in the cities of Rome and Florence and have been connected with artist associated with such Renaissance masters as Raphael and Andrea del Sarto

Suitable for use with dried pigments or tube colors, this varnish is an excellent medium for those wishing to follow in the footsteps of the Old Masters.

Available in Linseed or Walnut.

These mediums contain no driers, are solvent free and are all natural.

60ml: €40.00

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Baroque® Oil Mastic Painting mediums - 60 ml
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December 1, 2023
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