Alchemist® Kits - Painting and Grinding Medium Kits
Alchemist® Kits - Painting and Grinding Medium Kits Painting and grinding medium kit

Our painting and grinding medium kit is designed to be used as a substitute for the use of modern day solvents like spirits of turpentine and petroleum distillates used for painting and thinning oil paints, the use of which often causes paint films to run and bleed.

When used in conjunction with our various amber and non-amber based media, due to its unique ability to suspend various paint layers at once, artists will be able to apply many layers of wet paint in a vertical position often in as little as one or two setting without these various wet layers of paint running or bleeding together. All of this can be accomplished without having to wait for each individual layer to first dry before proceeding to apply additional layers.

These benefits can be obtained without the use of metal-based driers or jelly-like media which often contribute to the lowering in tone and lack of permanence in the life of a painting.

The kit includes:

1 – Larch Balsam
1 – Mixing bottle

Kit Price: €24.00

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Alchemist® Kits - Painting and Grinding Medium Kits - 60 ml €24.00
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December 3, 2023
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